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Thursday September, 23
@ De Ruimte
Doors open 20.00
Distelweg 83, Amsterdam-Noord
Entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can)
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Nora Mulder / Aaron Lumley / Dodó Kis

Two very special trios this evening, both characterized by musicians, who deliberately stay off the beaten track and welcome influences from all over the world to include in their musical quest. It is also one of the final concerts of the unique Kapok trio, so make sure you are there for the last opportunity to experience their fireworks on the stage!

Dodó Kis / Nora Mulder / Aaron Lumley

A new, vibrant trio feat. pianist Nora Mulder, Aaron Lumley on bass and Dodó Kis on recorder.
All three musicians are active in the world of composed as well as improvised music, but also in other fields such as musical theatre, noise and performance art. Each of the musicians deliberately stays off the beaten track and chooses his / her own path without conforming to standard performing practices, styles, genres, tastes or habits. Together they are ready to explore their instruments in different ways and search for the ultimate musical experience!

Dodó Kis recorder | Nora Mulder piano | Aaron Lumley bass


Kapok is one of the most notable young bands in the current Dutch music scene. The band is known for their rhythmic fireworks and infectious interaction, as well as for the crackling, unpredictable energy of their live shows. Kapok steals from all kinds of music, including funk rock, classical music, free improvisation and African music – a collection of influences that sounds improbable, but in the music go together very naturally.

Added to this is the unique instrumentation of horn, guitar & drums and the ability of the players to literally play with the music, which ensures that no two concerts are the same. However, this will unfortunately be one of their last concerts, as the personal ambitions of the members are no longer compatible with the commitment and dedication that life as a trio demands. As Kapok says: “We don’t do it for less, which is why we have now decided to stop with Kapok.”

Morris Kliphuis hoorn | Timon Koomen gitaar | Remco Menting drums