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An Interplanetary Night: Solo Extravaganza
Saturday 23 April 2022 20:30

A whirlwind of outspoken musicians, each of whom will play solo and fully expose themselves in the moment. With completely different backgrounds and qualities, all soloists have a unique story to tell. The young dogs of the Zebra Street Band play in the interludes and after all the solos. We go into the night with DJ Superinca and the crazy Manu Louis from Berlin.

Michael Moore reed instruments
Masterful reeds player, praised for his unparalleled tone and stylistic flexibility, from melodic and lyrical to obstinate. Everything hits the spot.

Sanem Kalfa vocals, cello
Turkish singer with a characteristic style that blends jazz, improvisation and world music to a powerful mix of emotions.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti vocals, electronics
Ibelisse is an autonomous artist, singer and performer. The core of her work is interdisciplinary. In the “inter”-space she finds new, unknown modes of storytelling.

Onno Govaert
drums, percussion
Explosive jazz drummer. His playing has been described in various ways as ‘innovative’, ‘spectacular’, ‘ruthless’ and ‘possessed by the devil’.

Jacob Maskell-Key electronica
Jacob Maskell-Key, also known as Spooky-J, creates spooky shit. Magical soundscapes. Fat, grinding and funky.

Jesse van Ruller guitar
Expressive, inventive guitarist, who feels at home both in the traditional jazz context as in innovative, experimental formations.

Mary Oliver
viola, hardanger fiddle
The only female player in the notorious Instant Composers Pool Orchestra distinguishes herself in her solo performances by an intense experience of sonic possibilities, harmonies, and emotions.

vocals, double bass
Fuensanta Méndez was born and raised in the rain forest of (Mexico) and is currently based in Amsterdam. Poetry and folklore are important elements in her music, meant to approach familiar phenomena with a surrealistic point of view. From September onwards she will be the new artist in residence at the BIMHUIS for two years.

Hanne de Backer baritone sax
Hanne De Backer is an Antwerp saxophonist and theater performer. Hanne aims to explore the impact of music and performance without being limited by boundaries or styles.

Manu Louis electronica, keys, vocals
Born in Belgium, Manu Louis travels around with a village of electronic instruments that transform into an improvised dance club.

Zebra Street Band
The Zebra Street Band creates energetic, catchy and danceable music. Numerous styles coalesce into a repertory that spans everything from Africa to the Caribbean, and from jazz to breakbeat.

Salvoandrea Lucifora trombone | Alistair Payne trumpet | Andrius Dereviancenko tenor sax | John Dikeman baritone sax | Onno Govaert drums | Fabio Galeazzi drums

DJ Superinca

There’s no disc jockey as exciting, sensual and transcendent as DJ Superinca.

230422 Ibelisse – photo by Maarten Nauw
230422hanne © laurent orseau