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THURSDAY 05.03.20

20h30 // De Ruimte // Amsterdam // 6-18€ (sliding scale) // Tickets at the door

  • George Dumitriu
  • Dodó Kis
  • Natalio Sued
  • Onno Govaert
  • Jarno van Es
  • DJ Jeroen Kimman
  • A solo night with exceptional musicians, active in the Amsterdam improv scene and beyond!

    George Dumitriu (viola)
    Guitarist, violist and violinist from Romania living in Amsterdam. With his project ‘Monk on viola’ he aims for a meticulous and complex adaptation of Thelonious Monk’s themes, rendered in a spontaneous and emergent improvisational manner.

    Dodó Kis (recorder/EWI)
    Versatile player on recorder and EWI from Hungary with classical roots and with adventurous expeditions. Also organizer of the beautiful multi-disciplinary and multi-genre-evenings the Ear Sessions.

    Natalio Sued (tenor saxophone)
    Argentinean tenor saxophone player famous for his sensative lines creative compositions. De Volkskrant: ‘The Argentine saxophonist offers quality impro of pure caliber.’

    Onno Govaert (drums)
    Without a doubt the most busy drummer in the Amsterdam improv scene thanks to his authentic, interactive and unpredictable way of making music. He seldom plays solo.

    Jarno van Es (piano)
    This imaginative musician is a many-sided and creative man being active in different music and theatre scenes such as latin, improv and absurdistic improvisation vocal theatre. Tonight he plays solo on the piano, with emotionial minimalism as a guideline. Or maybe not.
    Website Jarno van Es

    DJ Jeroen Kimman
    Guitar player of Rosa Ensemble, Polyband, Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido and 43 other bands/projects plays his favorite records before, in between and after the sets

    © Gemma van der Heyden