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THURSDAY 05.09.2019


  • Ab Baars solo
  • Bram Stadhouders / Nathan Wouters / Felix Schlarmann

Solo set of SITP hero Ab Baars and a new improv collaboration of three musicians with different backgrounds.

Ab Baars (tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi) solo
Ab Baars plays tenor saxophone, clarinet and shakuhachi with a completely idiosyncratic style. He has a strong personality and his solo performances are even stronger by his honoust approach to music, sounds and himself.
A true original, Ab’s music focuses on the extremes of sound and form in a manner that is both startling yet somehow inherently logical. Ab has been performing solo throughout his career and has become a master of the medium. The vulnerability that makes solo performance so difficult for many musicians is exactly the element that allows Ab’s peculiar sense of drama to come to the fore.

Bram Stadhouders – guitar / Nathan Wouters – double bass / Felix Schlarman – drums
Fresh band and a new collaboration of three authentic musicians with various backgrounds.
Guitarist, improvisor and composer Bram Stadhouders (Tilburg) is well known thanks to his intense and intimite sounds with a.o. Sidsel Endresen, Terje Isungset, Onno Govaert, Under the Surface and his solo recordings and concerts. Nathan Wouters (Antwerp) plays jazz, classical and free improvised music. He plays in a variety of adventurous bands from Belgium and abroad. Drummer Felix Schlarmann (Amsterdam) is well known thanks to the powerjazz group BRUUT! and other projects. He is also a great improvisor in projects in which he uses drums and effects.

Ab Baars
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