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THURSDAY 13.02.20

20h30 // De Ruimte // Amsterdam // 6-18€ (sliding scale) // Tickets at the door

  • IRIS

Acoustic and electric bass player, composer and arranger Giuseppe Campisi grew up in the countryside of Sicily. In a small town of farmers, he chose to pursue music: a journey that led him to the United States, Amsterdam and Barcelona and that continues to this day.

You can take a boy out of Sicily but you can’t take Sicily out of the boy. That is evident in the music of Giuseppe, which sparkles with Sicilian colors amidst other evident influences, ranging wide from jazz and free improvised music to rock and grunge from the late 90’s.

A deep work of research on his roots and on the music from his homeland has led him into re-purposing this material in a fresh and modern way.

On his journey, Giuseppe has proven himself as a composer of sizeable talent, acting as a catalyst for his environment. His band is a group of international musicians, and it is one of the many modern testaments to the fact that music has no borders.

Giuseppe Campisi – bass, compositions and arrangements | Jasper Blom – saxophone | Teis Semey: guitar | Youngwoo Lee: piano | Lluís Naval: drums
+ special guests!

A Piano/Drums duo that explores the sonorities of musical states. Iris aims at challenging the concepts of development and form suggesting a distinctive way of listening and experiencing the materiality of music. The repertoire is based on musical images and descriptions, “touching the soul of the spectator in a unique, meditative way.”

Emanuele Pellegrini – Piano | Giacomo Camilletti – Drums


Into the Wind explores the interplay of stillness and space with spirited wonder. A single note left ringing into silence, a gently struck chord hanging in the air, a fervent wail or a distant howl all arise out of patient concentration, inviting the listener to listen into each little sound.

Andrius Dereviancenko – saxophone | Robin Engelhard – guitar