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THURSDAY 19.12.19

20h30 // De Ruimte // Amsterdam // 6-18€ (pay what you want) // Tickets at the door

  • Of_Clouds
  • Dirar Kalash solo
  • Frank Rosaly solo

Last Space is the Place concert evening of the year! An intimate duo with video projection, and two solo’s of highly creative musicians

Frank Rosaly is an American drummer, composer and sound designer After 15 years of musical exploration and development with over 50 musical projects in Chicago from 2001-2016, Frank moved to Amsterdam to further develop his musical approach in a new environment including the worlds of music theater, intermediality, sound installation and electronic music synthesis. although he still plays frequently within the context of experimental and improvised musics. Additionally, Frank has been featured on over 150 recordings.

He is also involved in a solo project called Milkwork: a study in integration of electronically manipulated percussion instruments, improvising dense sound walls with controlled feedback, over-driven amplified drums. Frank blends soundscapes designed through analog electronic synthesis with extended techniques on unamplified drum set. Frank also studies cymbal hammering and instrument building, and utilizes these physical experiments within this project.

Frank Rosaly – drums, percussion

Dirar Kalash is a musician and sound artist whose work spans a wide range of musical and sonic practices within a variety of compositional and improvisational contexts.

Dirar Kalash – piano

Melodies from a rainy Sunday afternoon floating on electric clouds. _of clouds plays original composition and improvisation where the mellow sounds of an acoustic piano, electronic textures, obsessive beats and dreamlike images melt together. Alessandro Mazzieri and Luca Sguera met in Siena in 2015. Since then, they’ve shared the stage in multiple projects (Cocoon, Lilac for People, AKA), and are now performing their first duo.

_of clouds was born and developed in Amsterdam where both are currently based.

Alessandro Mazzieri _bass/electronics | Luca Sguera _pianoforte/synth