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13 December @ 20:30 15 December @ 00:00


From 13–15 December 2024 Space is the Place tours Belgium in a new concept called Interlinie. This three-day celebration aims to connect and cross-pollinate the Dutch and Belgian landscapes of improvisation, experimentation, and jazz. This first edition brings together the explosive quartet of Ruidoscuro with like-minded Belgian musicians at each respective stage–with possible new formations popping up in the moment, who knows!

Friday December 13 // Sojo Leuven – Ruidoscuro / Farida Amadou solo
Saturday December 14 // Rataplan Antwerpen – Ruidoscuro / Ocean Eddie ft Sofia Jernberg / Suzan Peeters
Sunday December 15 // KAAP Oostende – Ruidoscuro / John Dikeman & Andreas Bral

In cooperation with Sound in Motion, Klankhaven, KAAP, Rataplan & Sojo.


Frank Rosaly’s Ruidoscuro is a musical research project focusing on his native Puerto Rican roots in concert with his background as an improviser, composer, and jazz musician. Using electronics alongside acoustic instruments to create otherworldly reflections of pre-Columbus indigenous instruments and employing strict sequential patterns against improvisation to inhabit ritualistic musical movement, the music tells a dark, haunting story in a richly layered context of spinning polyrhythms, bi-tonal melodic material, and pivoting harmonic structures in a new music that defies centralization. Layered systems of repetition, trance-based cycles, and melodic motifs spin and bridge one another, creating space for the listener to become lost in the raw energy of this powerful quartet.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti – synthesizers & electronics | Marta Warelis – synthesizers | Andy Moor – electric guitar | Frank Rosaly – drums & electronics