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space impro

4 May 2023 @ 20:30 23:30


Improvisation & worldly influences form the core of this evening with James McClure presenting his newly formed band Sofaya (under the umbrella of SITProductions) full of South-African rhythms and grooves, Yedo Gibson dropping by from Portugal with his trio and Luis Lopes playing solo!


Trumpeter James McClure is a breath of fresh air in Amsterdam improvisation with contemporary jazz and a successful afro/balkan groove trio MUNGO BUNGO. He is also an active organizer of fascinating evenings full of new experimental talent. Under the umbrella of SITProductions he has formed a new band Sofaya, exploring the rich and diverse culture of South African music. From early popular music styles that emerged from the townships such as mbaqanga, kwela and marabi to goema music in the Cape, xhosa traditionals and the more recent electronic dance music styles, kwaito and gqom. “I find one thing in common across 80 years of South African music: the infectious toe-tapping grooves and melodies that give the music a unique sound. The aim is to emphasize these features in different styles by playing existing and original compositions by South African composers of different generations.” Tonight he will present his new project in public for the first time. A try-out.

James McClure – trumpet | Lezaam Beets – trombone | Christian Chandler – trombone | Zenzele Mthembu-Salter – bass


Yedo Gibson, the well-known reeds player who was part of the Amsterdam scene for years before moving to Portugal, is coming to De Ruimte to perform with his trio Move!

MOVE has an urgency for movement. Where change is not only inevitable, it is burningly wished for. Willed into existence. From a sense of interconnectivity sprouts a direct, decisive and ready-made improvisation. Relentless as the rainforest, fertile as alluvium, blossoming ideas from doubt,

MOVE is the concept and music of bassist Felipe Zenícola (Chinese Cookie Poets, New Brazilian Funk), saxophonist Yedo Gibson (Eke, Naked Wolf) and drummer João Valinho (Rodrigo Amado Refraction Quartet, Fashion Eternal).

The three musicians connect through an unwavering awareness of each other’s creation, where activity and adaptability are strived for, where communication and respect are paramount – where everything is possible and the impossible is desired.

Yedo Gibson – sax | Felipe Zenícola – bass | João Valinho – drums


Averse to any linearity, Luís Lopes is an idiosyncratic musician connected to jazz, improvised and experimental music. He has been building his career, characterised by a unique voice, free of corsets, formal ties or constraints. He is an unfollower and likes to experiment through paradoxes.

Luis leads several groups that positioned him in the international scene: Humanization 4tet (with Portuguese sax player Rodrigo Amado and Texans Stefan and Aaron Gonzalez), Lisbon Berlin Trio (with Germans Christian Lillinger and Robert Landfermann), Guillotine (with french cellist Valentin Ceccaldi and drummer Andreas Wildhagen from Norway).

Then, he has his solo works, characterized by a full experimental attitude and ranges from noise to pianissimo. He also cherishes and privileges duo projects, examples are collaborations with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Fred Lonberg-holm, Noel Akchoté and Julien Desprez.

Luis Lopes – Guitar


De Ruimte,