Just like all the other cultural institutions Space is the Place has had to postpone its activities until at least June, 1st, in both the Bimhuis and de Ruimte. We feel sad that we can't celebrate our 5-Year Anniversary with the festival on April, 12. Most of all we are worried about the financial situation of all the musicians and artists.

The only thing we can do is to look forward and carefully make some plans for special concerts and festivals in the summer months.

Take care and we keep you updated!


For these unprecedented times we would like to suggest some essential music to listen to and enjoy @home!

- Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland : Bandcamp - Summing
- Rubatong: Spotify - Cataract
- Frank Rosaly: Bandcamp - Todos de Pie
- John Dikeman/Ernst Glerum: Bandcamp - Spirituals
- Leo Svirsky: Bandcamp - River without Banks


It's time to celebrate daring music with an extensive festival at the home base of Space is the Place: De Ruimte. After 350+ music evenings, 800+ acts and 1500+ artists, the progressive performing arts organisation Space is the Place exists 5 years!

Starting in the afternoon and ending in the night, SITP presents on Easter Sunday 12 April a ratatouille of beautiful musicians, bands and performing artists, representing the expression and quality of adventurous performing arts in Amsterdam and beyond.

Don't miss it!!

Check our agenda for more info.


On Monday 17 February we had another Intergalactic Night at Bimhuis! And it was brilliant.

This edition featured Ferry Heijne (De Kift), Luc Ex, Yuri Landman, Ben van Gelder and house pianist Ernst Glerum.

Space is the Place organizes groundbreaking bimonthly Intergalactic Nights at the BIMHUIS café, with a wide variety of performances in all kinds of genres and disciplines, from jazz, improv and classical music to dance, theater, poetry and literature. The house pianist is Ernst Glerum, who’s known playing double bass in ICP Orchestra and Benjamin Herman Trio.

This edition: Ferry Heijne, lead singer, guitarist and trumpeter of De Kift, in a duo with bassist Luc Ex, playing new versions of De Kift-songs. Yuri Landman, who built deviant string instruments for, among others, Sonic Youth, Liars and Jad Fair, gave a performance. Additionally, a solo set by Ben van Gelder, who was trained in New York and whose lyrical playing has been compared to that of his teacher – and legend – Lee Konitz.

Matias Holz made some beautiful pictures!

A night to remember

The Solo Night in the Bimhuis felt like a superb roller coaster ride

9 totally different solos in a row on one night was a crazy idea. And it worked out! Thanks to everybody who participated and showed up, we will never forget this one for sure...

Why does Space is the Place love solos? This is how we explained it at the end of the evening: because the artist invents in this naked way of expression -in which he can't hide behind others and also the listener needs 100% focus- fresh ways of creativity in an honest and fragile way of making music.

Thanks to Francoise Bolechowski for the pictures!