A beautiful Intergalactic Night

Different disciplines came together

Such an enchanting night last month in the Bimhuis. With absurdism as a floating theme we saw, listened and enjoyed an extraordinary performance of Kenzo Kusuda who last minute decided the barstools were his instrument. We admired and chuckled, listening to the very short stories of the 82-year old charming A.L. Snijders. And please buy the first cd Valse Rust of Ensemble Extraordinair (Han Buhrs & Nora Mulder): this is highly original and creative music (and a little bit of theatre). Of course also thanks to the great Ernst Glerum, who played the piano before and between the performances.

Thanks to Christie Bitar for her pictures!

Pictures out of space

a nice SITP november evening in de Ruimte

Thanks to Christie Bitar for some wonderful pictures of a musically beautiful evening in de Ruimte, November 21 / 2019. On the stage:

Full Sun (Ziv Taubenfeld - bass clarinet / Luis Vicente - trumpet / Nicolas Chientaroli - piano / Onno Govaert - drums)
Ritual Habitual (Riccardo Marogna - tenor sax / bass clarinet & electronics | Gonçalo Almeida - double bass | Philipp Ernsting - drums)

Last Interplanetary Night pictures

It was hot and steamy

Wow, again a Bimhuis night full of inspiring music from so many directions. We enjoyed the intensity of all the performances and the good energy of the musicians ánd the audience.
The pictures are made by our great photographer Maarten Mooijman.

Thanks to everybody who played that night!

Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido
Aaron Lumley
Los Piranas
Superinca & The Galactic Green
Platypus Records DJs

Listen to the music of coming Interplanetary Night

This saturday november 9 in the Bimhuis

Get ready for an evening of astounding music from different directions: listen here to the new albums of bass player Aaron Lumley (Canada/Amsterdam) and Los Pirañas (Colombia) and a steaming video of Superinka & The Galactic Green (live @ de Ruimte). Also, check the great music of Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido over here.

Tickets (€21) for this evening.

Pictures First Intergalactic Night

it was a blast

We enjoyed the first hectical Intergalactic Night in the Bimhuis very much. A lot of things were happening: Ernst Glerum played too beautiful bar music, Han Bennink acted as joyfully as he always does, Dodó Kiss cut her recorder with a huge saw, Peter Zegveld almost went up in smoke and Jeff Aendeboom nearly died on the bar. The Bimhuis Café was packed in an unusual setup with the audience sitting and standing around the artists.

Thanks Govert Driessen for the nice pictures!

We are looking forward to the next one! Write down: December 16th with A.L. Snijders // Ensemble Extraordinair (Han Buhrs & Nora Mulder) // Ernst Glerum solo // Kenzo Kusuda.