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Friday March, 11
@ De Ruimte
19:15 doors open; 19:30 Dinner 20:30 Music starts
Distelweg 83, Amsterdam-Noord
Entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can)

The second Friday of every month: 2nd Stop is Jupiter!

Dancing to the wildest live music in town. This time we move from Brazil to Cape Verde to Angola and who knows which universe DJ Alex Figueira brings us afterwards. Expect extremely energetic funana rhythms, punky interpretations of Angolan 60s guitar music and intimate Brazilian songs.

Please bring your most edgy dance moves.

John Pastinaak serves a delicious, season based dinner, from 19.30-20.30 (10€!). Please reserve on time via an e-mail to

On the menu:
Yellow rice with a tasty tajine of pumpkins, carrots and ras el hanout, tzatziki and a white cabbage salat.




With roots in São Paulo, Gabriel Milliet from Amsterdam is a singer-songwriter, film soundtrack composer and multi-instrumentalist. In his songs – which he regards as letters or old analogue photographs – he sings about the ‘distances’ that an immigrant experiences in everyday life, and about finding your feet in a strange country below sea level.
His repertoire ranges from pop to classical, from traditional to experimental. But something of his South American roots always filters through.

Is a young Cape Verdean group from Rotterdam, whose music has been inspired by that of Cape Verdean artists from an older generation, such as Code di Dona, Bulimundo, Américo Brito and of course Bitori.
The group has a fresh and contemporary take on funaná: the upbeat, energetic and festive music and dance style.
Tabanka knows how to put on an exuberant live show in which it is impossible not to move!

Ampario Gomes Ferreira – gaita, vocals, band leader | Aristoteles Nascimento – drums, backing vocals | Arlindo Silva Timas – congas, backing vocals | Djeison Gomes Ferreira – bass guitar | Jerry Gomes Ferreira – percussion, backing vocals | Nelson Gomes Ferreira – ferro, backing vocals | Orlando Soares Neves – guitar, backing vocals

Swinging, idiosyncratic interpretations of Angolan popular guitar music from the 60s and 70s. Due to their sparse performances, each and every one of them memorable, this can almost be called a cult band.

Andy Moor guitar | Jasper Stadhouders guitar | Miguel Petruccelli bass | Onno Govaert drums | Marta Warelis percussion

Is a man with a mission: to deliver the most exquisite and yet unheard sounds from places that don’t show on the musical map of most people. To turn the focus around and give credit to the amazing music that has been done in the past decades outside the Anglo-Saxon axis. To fulfill that mission, he built a recording studio from scratch (Barracão Sound), started a record label (Music With Soul), organized the first Afro Tropical party in Amsterdam (Vintage Voudou) and opened a record shop in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District (Vintage Voudou Records) where vinyl junkies from the four corners of the world get their regular fix of imported vinyl from Africa and Latin America. He’s also a member and producer of the bands Fumaça Preta and Conjunto Papa Upa, both of whom have collected great reviews from the press for their singles (released on the Music With Soul label) and in the case of Fumaça Preta, from all kinds of specialized publications, from Songlines to The Wire.

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