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SATURDAY 28.08.2021
Music starts at 17.30
A Saturday ticket costs 12,50; buy it online here

Second day of the Summer Space Festival presented by De Ruimte: pandemic-proof acoustic and amplified performing arts, in – and outside the building, celebrating the summer, free jazz, improv sounds, inimitable dance rhythms & inquisitive ears!


17.30 CCQ
18.30 DJ Marcelle in concert
19.00 De Kift acoustic
19.30 Yodel Queen
20.00 Yung-Tuan Ku solo
20.30 Oscar Jan Hoogland solo
21.00 De Kift Acoustic
21.30 DJ Marcelle in concert
22.00 Mola Sylla solo
22.30 Yodel Queen
23.00 De Kift acoustic
23.30 DJ Marcelle in concert

De Kift is a Dutch band with influences of punk, fanfare, rock and pop music, founded in 1988 by Ferry Heijne and Wim ter Weele. “De Kift was born in fanfare, baptized in punk and grew up in love for music and poetry. It is cheerful music, music full of melancholy. Music that brings tears to your eyes or a grin on your face.”
Line-up tba

Yung Tuan-Ku solo
Yung-Tuan Ku is a percussionist and music theater maker. She combines percussion and mime in her creation, works with many theater groups for children and grown-up shows. She plays all kinds of percussion instruments, household utensils, random found objects and toys. She loves to go to the thrift shops (Kringloopwinkel) to find new inspirations for her instrumentarium.

Yung Tuan-Ku – percussion

Yodel Queen
Post-yodel schlagerpunk.
Yodel Queen is a young Amsterdam band with one leg in post-punk and one leg in the confessional. Erection problems and life in the Amsterdam cafes & pubs are discussed in detail.


Surprise, adventure, entertainment and education: Four key words often used for describing Dutch DJ and producer Marcelle/Another Nice Mess. Using live (and in the studio) three turntables, Marcelle takes her mix talents to high heights. She is as much, or even more of, a musician as she is a dj.

Oscar Jan Hoogland is an improviser, pianist, composer who is working actively in the field of both music and dance improvisation in Amsterdam. Doing so he works within fixed bands and groups as well as in first time collaboration settings. Besides improvising he has composed for several theater and dance pieces and has been writing for his own groups as well as for other ensembles and soloists.
Oscar Jan Hoogland piano, clavichord, electronics

‘Adventurous, catchy Amsterdam jazz, in which influences can be heard from Mengelberg and Monk (hopping lines) or from Sean Bergin and Sonny Rollins (Caribbean atmospheres).’
The music can undeniably be classified as jazz. But then jazz of a very nice, idiosyncratic kind. In the compositions of leader/saxophonist Chris Corstens the humor and recalcitrance of the music of people like Misha Mengelberg can be found, but also melodies that Harry Bannink would not be ashamed of.

Chris Corstens sax | Oscar Jan Hoogland piano | Uldis Vitols bass | Martin van Leusden drums

Singer, percussionist and composer from Dakar, Senegal, based in Amsterdam. Sylla learned to sing and play the music of the different Senegalese population groups in Dakar. In the Netherlands he became acquainted with jazz and improvised music. He has played with world music and jazz musicians in the most diverse combinations, music with a more or less fixed pattern, but mostly consisting of improvisations.
Mola Sylla voice, percussion