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Sunday, May 9, 15-18:00, home made croquettes with fresh salad and an improvisation €5*.
Location: DE RUIMTE

Ready while you wait: food and improvisation will be made, in your presence. You take out the food, and the impro will be sent to your mail the minute it’s finished. Further listening to the recording of your improvisation outside. Unfortunately it’s not allowed to further consume your recording inside: we are take away only. Max 3 customers inside.

On the menu this Sunday are improvisations by BLIK & home made croquettes (smoked leek and bouillabaise) with fresh salad by John Pastinaak / chef Luc.

Take it away!


A trio that crackles and creaks, but that is at the same time lyrical and tender. Singer Annelie Koning switches, apparently effortlessly, between singing a poem and improvising an original story through the lyrics. Luc Ex creates warm, infectious grooves that respond playfully and effectively to the texts, but cannot be tamed by them. Renfrow’s clear and direct grooves connect all of them and leaves no space for doubt. . Pure energy on stage!

Annelie Koning vocals | Luc Ex bass | Triston Renfrow drums