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Thursday March, 10
@ De Ruimte
20:00 doors open; 20:30 Music starts
Distelweg 83, Amsterdam-Noord
Entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can)

Tonight sonic explorations in very diverse directions, ranging from stillness and drifting music to unpolished and raw improvisations.


Simon Toldam is one of Scandinavia’s most exciting musicians of his generation and plays a very active role in the Danish jazz scene & beyond. His trio is characterized by telepathic interplay between Nils on bass, Knut on drums, and Simon on piano. Whether parading or drifting, deafening or silencing, the understanding displayed between the three musicians demonstrates their uncanny ability to beat and blow as one organism.

On OMHU, the latest album by the Simon Toldam Trio, the band presents a series of sonic explorations in slowness, elaborating on the concept of the titular word, which in Danish means “being precise, careful, and conscientious in the execution, treatment, or care of something.

Simon Toldam piano | Nils Davidsen bass / Knut Finsrud drums


Farida Amadou is a rising star in the European free improvisation and experimental music scene. She plays the bass guitar in a her very own style: unpolished and quasi-messy, metallic in timbre and with a strong emphasis on rhythm.

Passionate about rock, Pavel Tchikov nevertheless began classical education before turning to jazz. Currently, he is mainly interested in sound through the electric guitar in different styles such as rock, metal, funk, electro, experimental music, gypsy jazz, free improvisation.

Amadou & Tchikov released a brilliant album in November 2021 called Mal de Terre.

Farida Amadou bass guitar | Pavel Tchikov guitar


Mofaya! is built around the kinetic duo of Dikeman and Škorić. Transcendence, ritual, abandon, heart love!
The quartet !Mofaya! features Jaimie Branch and Luke Stewart. Their debut album Like One Long Dream was released June of 2021 on Trost records.
The duo also works in various groupings with guests including Farida Amadou, Marina Džukljev, Marta Warelis, Shay Hazan, Bart Maris, Jasper Stadhouders, Cactus Truck, Seb el Zin, Vid Drašler, Marko Karlovčec, Mark Morse, Zane Massey, Peter Ajtai.

John Dikeman tenor sax | Aleksandar Skorić drums

Farida Amadou
220310 mofaya2-1