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Thursday October 7
@ De Ruimte
Doors open 20.00
Distelweg 83, Amsterdam-Noord
Entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can)


A blasting and experimental evening tonight with Humanization 4tet, blending free bop, cool jazz, heavy funk, punk and postpunk, metal and more plus Marta Warelis improvising in duo with Frank Rosaly!

Marta Warelis / Frank Rosaly

Duo of two driving forces in the vibrant Amsterdam improv scene.

Pianist Marta Warelis (1986) is a vibrant performer with a strong preference for improvisation and experimentation in all genres. She continually aims for instant composing on the basis of new sounds and influences. Her work draws inspiration from music across the globe including cumbia, Angolan dance music, as well as jazz, western classical music and the various schools of free improvisation.

Frank Rosaly is a Puerto Rican drummer, composer and sound designer living in Amsterdam. His musical approach stems from an exhaustive study of Jazz, classical percussion, Improvisation, as well as classical composition and post-classical techniques such as Musique concrète, graphic notation and chance operation. This information is filtered through the prism of the unknown, metaphysics, ancient history, rituals and folklore of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Marta Warelis piano | Frank Rosaly drums

Humanization 4tet
The Humanization 4tet brings funk, rock, free jazz and hard bop together in a spontaneous and exploding way. The four members of the group interact with each other with joy and commitment, and they know very well how to transmit those good vibes to the audience. The Portuguese musicians Luís Lopes (el. guitar) and Rodrigo Amado (tenor sax) showed this already, together with the American brothers Aaron (bass) and Stefan González (drums), on their albums for Clean Feed and Ayler Records. Now they are bringing their infectious musical cross-pollinations to De Ruimte!
‘ … a savage energy that can compete with that of The Thing and the deep roaring and dirty ripping sax of Amado …’ Guy Peters on Live in Madison –

Rodrigo Amado – tenor sax | Luís Lopes – guitar| Stefan González – drums, vibraphone | Aaron González – bass

To attend the concerts, you have to bring your coronatoegangsbewijs / negative test result and ID. More info, click here.

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