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THURSDAY 12.12.2019

20h30 // De Ruimte // Amsterdam // 6-18€ (sliding scale) // Tickets at the door

  • José Lencastre / Miguel Petruccelli / Aleksandar Škorić
  • Emilio Berné
  • DADA

This will be a mind blowing night with a lot of musicality, energy and powerful statements

This band first played together last February in Portugal. In October the trio hits the road in Serbia for a tour. The music can go into different paths but always flows naturally in constant communication between the three musicians.

José Lencastre – saxophone | Miguel Petruccelli – bass guitar | Aleksandar Škorić – drums

Emilio Bernè (IT) is a drummer and improviser whose approach is oriented on abstractionism and noise with the idea of extended sound of simulated electronics through the use of amplified metal strings and spinners on an electro-acoustic drum set combined with no input mixer.

Emilio Berne’ – drums, electronics

Started off as a middle finger to the framing of educational systems worldwide, DADA! evolved into a mashup of do’s and don’t’s of alternative band.
« It was always better before »

That is a sentence that the DADA! duo is trying to prove wrong. Pushing the boundaries of all conformism in art, they believe that the only real art form can be performed in the present. Art shouldn’t be a relic of the past or a vision of the future. Art is now.

Denis Baeten – drums & vocals | Donatas Bielunskis – electric bass