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THURSDAY 21.11.2019

20h30 // De Ruimte // Amsterdam // 6-18€ (sliding scale) // Tickets at the door

  • Ziv Taubenfeld Full Sun
  • Goncalo Almeida Ritual Habitual

Two international groups in which groove, the moment and most of all interaction triumph.

A small formation of bass clarinet player Ziv Taubenfelds new band, Full Sun. Full Sun was founded by Ziv Taubenfeld with Amsterdam’s improvised music scene as its point of departure. Stories of ancient Natufians and modern culture beings resonate in its improvisations and compositions. The ensemble translates graphic scores into melodies, conduction, grooves and dedications to influential jazz artists John Tchicai, Jemeel Moondoc and Sunny Murray.

Ziv Taubenfeld – bass clarinet, composition | Luís Vicente – trumpet | Nicolas Chientaroli – piano | Onno Govaert – drums

Groovy trio based in Rotterdam in which edgy rhythm and wild improvisations flying around.

Riccardo Marogna – tenor sax / bass clarinet & electronics | Gonçalo Almeida – double bass | Philipp Ernsting – drums

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