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6 May 2023 @ 20:30 23:59


Space is the Place is doing a festival at De Brakke Grond again! After a very successful night in March last year, we will again present an exciting line-up featuring no less then 9 acts both from the Amsterdam & Belgian thriving music scenes.

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Fusing drums and electronica, Antoine Pierres a.k.a. VAAGUE manipulates his organic and synthesized samples live in action. At the center of his practice is the precision of his manually played groove that steer a myriad of sounds into his own shapeshifting universe. Hypnotic, smart, layered.

VAAGUE – drums, electronics


Performances by this total artist surprise without exception. Her creative ability covers the distance from her native country Bolivia to her current home Amsterdam. Weaving between disciplines her vocality reimagines storytelling, channeling a certain friction, giving light to the unknown, magic and mystery.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti – vocals, electronics


Frank Rosaly is a Puerto Rican / American drummer, composer and sound designer. After 15 years of musical exploration and development with over 50 musical projects in Chicago this century, Frank moved to Amsterdam to further develop his cross-disciplinary approach in a new environment. A modern day stalwart of experimental and improvised music – expect an exploration disclosing his refined percussive technique and musical totality.

Frank Rosaly – drums, percussion


Berlinde Deman is the regular tubist of Flat Earth Society and also appears in numerous bands and projects in the Belgian jazz, theater and classical world. After years of fascination with the forerunner of the tuba, Berlinde acquired the serpent – a rare instrument from the 16th century. The melancholy and unique sound of this instrument brought her to uncharted territory and to very different projects such as B.O.X, Razen, Machinefabriek.

Berlinde Deman – serpent / tuba


From his connection with experimental pop to being as a bassist in ensembles it can be said that Lennart Heyndels has a true multifocal approach to his music making process. Touring all over the world in recent years, Lennart will present us another excursion of his, one of modular synthesis, balancing light-hearted simplicity with serene introspection and a search for pushing boundaries.

Lennart Heyndels – electronics, synthesizers


Lynn Cassiers and Jozef Dumoulin are two of Belgium’s most authentic improvisers. Lilly Joel began as an ode to Dumoulin’s activity with Lidlboj, and along the way an entirely unique, dreamy style took shape. With Hildegard von Bingen as one of their sources of inspiration, Lily Joel immerses you in their characteristic and introspective sound world.

Jozef Dumoulin – vocals, keys
Lynn Cassiers – vocals, electronics


Audio-visual performance by Giovanni Iacovella is a drummer and improviser drifting between the worlds of improvised and electro-acoustic music. In his solo ‘Meaningful Numbers’ he focuses on the use of acoustic drums and resonating objects, creating sonic landscapes of where one finds intricate polyrhythmic juxtaposition, abstract drones and hyperkinetic noise.

Giovanni Iacovella – drums, electro-acoustics


This dynamic duo creates a haunting landscape between progressive rock/noise and free jazz using drums, electronics, analogue synthesizer and organ. Like the fire, the music takes us to that border of passage where things transform in restless dance.

Marta Warelis – synthesizers
Nasim Lopez-Palacios Navarro – drums


Susobrino treads across serene and aggressive sound spectra, incorporating field recordings from his travels, home country Bolivia, percussion instruments and synthesized sound. With critical acclaim this upcoming artist has played a myriad of festivals already, covering both popular electronic and contemporary musical territories with an ever-infectious energy.

Susobrino – drums, field recordings, electronics

Vlaams Cultuurhuis

De Brakke Grond, Netherlands