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9 Sep 2023 @ 17:00 23:30


Space is the Place & Cinetol join forces for an exciting summer festival with live music ranging from punk to wild improv music and everything in between. On the line-up are Sofaya, 12 Tribes of Mars, Innec, Hala, Salutingrome, Sessions & Jakob Maskell-Key solo. Plus 6 hours non-stop improv by 26 musicians…!


Trumpeter James McClure, a breath of fresh air in the Amsterdam improvisation scene, has formed a new band called Sofaya as part of our SITProductions. Exploring the rich and diverse culture of South African music, Sofaya embeds the infectious toe-tapping grooves and melodies that provide such a unique sound therein. Their aim is to emphasize these features in different styles by playing existing and original compositions by South African composers spanning different generations.

James McClure – trumpet | Diana Dzhabbar – alto sax | John Dikeman – tenor sax | Christian Chandler – trombone | Lezaam Beets – trombone | Marta Warelis – piano | Zenzele Mthembu-Salter – bass | João Guerra – drums


12 Tribes of Mars is a six-piece band that plays reggae, ska and rocksteady under the influences of free improvisation. The group is strongly inspired by entrancing repetition and dub versions of Jamaica’s notorious bass-driven tracks. With an intergenerational and unifying approach, this SITProductions band initiated by Andrius Dereviancenko works together with the Curaçaoan legendary guitarist Franky Douglas.

Andrius Dereviancenko sax | Salvoandrea Lucifora trombone | Azubike Onwuka bass guitar | Robin Engelhard guitar | Franky Douglas guitar | Onno Govaert drums


INNEC is a fresh band based in Amsterdam that tries to explore new paths in music – postmodern directions rooted in the flexuous time we are living. With their name based on Wassilly Kandinky’s concept of Inner Necessity, their music mixes free improvisation with challenging but open compositions where strong individual voices of each musician can simultaneously shine and melt in unity.

Ignacio Pintó bass | Aleksander Sever vibraphone | Marcus Wärnheim saxophone | Ludvig Søndergaard drums


Salutingrome started as the aperture for the evocative solo-experiments of Zamity Mitelembe, and has recently transformed towards a poetic and transgressive live-format. Stepping up as a band, with a stage-presence enhanced by his activity in theatre, Salutingrome plays an abrasive mix of noise-rock, post-punk and blues.

Zamity Mitelembe vocals | Victor Keyser guitar, harmonica | Tijmen Aalberts drums


With shocking effect and energy HALA explores a diverse theatrical interplay based on the vocalist Helene Matthias fairytale-like compositions. Their music sounds nearly absurdist and evil, and scatters from progressive rock, avant-pop and (free) improvisation to avant-garde, jazz and cabaret.

Helene Matthia vocals | Arno Bakker sousaphone | Jorrit Westerhof guitar | Gerri Jäger drums


Jacob Maskell-Key, also known as Spooky-J, is a master at fusing drums and soundscapes to ominous effect. Jacob has been making moves in various ways, also as part of Spooky Shit and with Nihiloxica, a touring outfit also including Briton Peter (pq) and Ugandan musicians Isa, Prince and Jally originally from Nilotika Cultural Ensemble. At Cinetol, he will present new material.

Jacob Maskell-Key drums


Rotterdam’s illustrious SESSIONS plays thrilling, explosive music. Consciously under the radar, the trio has popped up in art and activist scenes and recently released their debut album SATELLITE which is full of forward-thinking no wave, noise, and punk.

Robin Becker – vocals, guitar, saxophone, airsoft gun | Alistair Franenberg – bass, electric violin | Bobbi X – drums, satellite dish