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18 May @ 15:00 19 May @ 23:30

Tickets 35,-

Music Meeting Festival cuts across styles, genres and cultures, worldwide. The global music festival has been offering a stage to artists worldwide for over 35 years: musicians who have rarely or never been seen in the Netherlands, with new projects or in special compositions.

During the Pentecost weekend (18,19, 20 May), Nijmegen is dedicated to three days of musical encounters and discovery through a program in which cultural stories resonate: from the latest salsa from Cuba to innovative jazz from Norway, from indigenous voices from Australia to the Asian avant-garde. This year Space is the Place also participates in the program presenting multi-disciplinary artist Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti with the Superinca & the Galactic Green on Saturday 18 May and the SITProductions band Sofaya on 19 May.

Superinca & the Galactic Green | Ali Doğan Gönültaş | Alice in Wonderband | Bab l’Bluz | Baiuca | Maryana Golovchenko + duo Kravchenko / Clees | Joshua Murphy feat Emma Williams | NAAMU | Irena & Vojtech Havlovi | Bnyhunna | Ghassen Chiba & Will Guthrie | DJ Claptrap

Sofaya | Alice in WonderBand | La Rueda | Indonesian National Orchestra | trio Sonce | Ngulmiya | Nomfusi | Izaline Calister Tula Leeft! | Irena & Vojtech Havlovi | Ghassen Chiba & Will Guthrie | Irena & Vojtěch Havlovi | Meika | SARĀB | Zeitgeist + guest Wayne Snow | DJ Claptrap

Superinca & the Galactic Green

Energetic, weird, full of humor and enthusiasm and above all very exciting. That is the music of Superinca & the Galactic Green, the group around singer Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti. The basis is Colombian Cumbia, but this colorful group from the Amsterdam improv scene brews a very unique mixture of it with influences from punk, rock and futuristic jazz, strange and very tasty.

Without disrupting the wonderfully compelling and extremely danceable groove for a moment, the musicians shine wonderfully during their solos. What keyboardist Oscar-Jan Hoogland conjures up from his keyboards is as crazy as it is beautiful. While the tempo and temperature rise rapidly, Ferragutti remains the radiant center with her cheerful vocals and presence. Sitting still is not an option: Superinca & the Galactic Green forces you to dance.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti – vocals, percussion | Oscar Jan Hoogland – keys | Frank Rosaly – drums | Vicente Pino – guitar | Joep Bollinger – bass | Marcos Baggiani – drums


Swinging meeting between South African jazz and Amsterdam impro

Melodies that convey a deeply felt melancholy, combined with wonderfully sunny rhythms. The South African trumpeter James McClure has forged a special octet with Sofaya. In it he combines musical influences from his native country with the free spirit that characterizes the younger generation of improv musicians from the Amsterdam scene.

The band has no fewer than five wind players, including two trombones. These provide a solid and exciting sound that does justice to both the melodic richness and the cool groove. When the tempo is slowed down for a moment, the expressive powers remains as great: with wonderful musicians on board such as tenor saxophonist Natalio Sued and pianist Marta Warelis, you know you can count on pleasant surprises.

Sofaya is an ideal festival act, both relaxed and exciting, and both emotionally layered and very, very danceable.

James McClure – trumpet | Joao Guerra – drums | Zenzele Mthembu-Salter – bass | Marta Warelis – piano | John Dikeman – tenor sax | Diana Dzhabbar – alto sax | Lezaam Beets – trombone | Christian Chandler – trombone

Music Meeting

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