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SITProductions is founded in 2023, supporting authentic bands and musicians with fresh ideas in the field of jazz and improvised music. More info about the current projects below.

© Alek Riquelme



This singer and cellist from Turkey studied in Groningen and came about ten years ago to Amsterdam. She has had a duo already for 7 years with the Romanian violist/guitarist George Dumitriu, is active in numerous bands and duos and has an impressive solo act. Her voice is flawless and at the same time she always seeks the edges with rough evisceration and electronic manipulations.


Sanem Kalfa says the following about her new band Televizyon: ‘The music is inspired by what I listened to when I grew up. That’s Turkish pop/rock, traditional music from my father’s radio, music with European influences from Turkish films and maybe also the Sunday rituals on TV with Turkish classical music. Those elements may not be very obvious, but I’m sure they will very nicely color the whole picture. The music will be mainly improvised with the elements and the richness of the flavors I mentioned above.”



Sanem Kalfa: voice / elektronics | Marta Warelis synths | Ingebrigt Håker Flaten bass | Sun-Mi Hong drums

© Erik Smits


Trumpeter James McClure is a breath of fresh air in Amsterdam improvisation with contemporary jazz and a successful afro/balkan groove trio MUNGO BUNGO. He is also an active organizer of fascinating evenings full of new experimental talent.

About his newly formed band Sofaya:
“This is a project that delves into the rich and diverse culture of South African music. From early popular music styles that emerged from the townships such as mbaqanga, kwela and marabi to goema music in the Cape, xhosa traditionals and the more recent electronic dance music styles, kwaito and gqom. I find inspiration in musicians and composers such as Hugh Masekela, Abdullah Ibrahim, Louis Moholo, Chris McGregor, Mac McKenzie, Mandoza and DJ Mujava. I find one thing in common across 80 years of South African music: the infectious toe-tapping grooves and melodies that give the music a unique sound. The aim is to emphasize these features in different styles by playing existing and original compositions by South African composers of different generations.”




James McClure trumpet | Joäo Guerra drums | Zenzele Mthembu-Salter bass | Marta Warelis piano | John Dikeman tenor sax | Diana Dzhabbar alto sax | Lezaam Beets trombone | Christian Chandler trombone

Next performance:
Sunday, May 19, 2024 at Music Meeting in Nijmegen


© Erik Smits



Lithuanian tenor saxophonist Andrius Dereviancenko is a progressive force in Amsterdam music with ideas that operate far outside the box. Pop rock and electronics are themes in his music and with his latest band he explores reggae and dub.


Andrius: ’12 Tribes of Mars is a six-piece band that plays reggae, ska and rocksteady under the influences of free improvisation. The group is strongly inspired by various producers using reggae tracks and making their own remakes called dub. In my mind, aesthetic music is a universal language that belongs to all people on this planet. Music unites people and reduces the boundaries between race and different generational differences. Because of the differences between generations 12 Tribes of Mars will work together with a living legend, the Curaçaoan guitarist Franky Douglas.

Goals in the band are: combining reggae with free improvisation // find ways to present experimental music to a wider audience // look for ways to repeat dance grooves with small changes or without changes to enter a trance or meditative state of mind // achieve and develop collective improvisations regarding groove.

Andrius Dereviancenko sax | Salvoandrea Lucifora trombone | Azubike Onwuka bass guitar | Robin Engelhard guitar | Franky Douglas guitar | Onno Govaert drums