How is everybody doing in these anonymous and isolated times, without performances? A small tour along the (Amsterdam) improvised music scene to find out.

Ig Henneman (viola, composition)

1 How do you feel?
Being a DIY musician, a composer/performer/producer with a foundation, a website, a record label, there is never enough time to keep up. Suddenly the world became pretty quiet and surveyable, and at the same time very strange. Time to reflect. Now in the end I am used to the cancellations, the silence and I have enough peace to focus on composing.

2 How do you stay inspired?

By creating and making music, reading books, listening to music, by making walks around the block. Some streamed duo concerts from home with my neighbour Ab Baars, invited by Chicago organisations, felt very connected with the world. Internet is a great source for being inspired. There is so much to see, to read and to hear. So many colleagues put new stuff up and opened their archives so we all can enjoy and react on it. Recently the birds started singing again just like a year ago when this all started.

3 How would it feel to perform live again? Describe in one word.

4 Photo 21-12-2020
The strangest 75th birthday party one can imagine: no guests, lots of flowers, numerous wishes on facebook, and my Composers Portrait in Orgelpark Amsterdam that would celebrate this anniversary postponed twice. Let’s hope the new date will work. September 12 it will be!


We are looking forward to be able to organise some concerts again. We hope for a long and sunny spring and summer, where we can have concerts outdoors!

Meanwhile check out the video of An Interplanetary Night: Knalpot + Frank Wienk (Binkbeats) at Bimhuis on the 19th of December 2020.

8 Feb 2021


We are very happy to be able to announce two great concerts coming up in December.

On 5 December we will have another concert (two shows!) in the Sexy Planet series, presented by SITP, Stichting Doek & De Ruimte, featuring Meral Polat Trio, Wolter Wierbos solo, Michael Moore / Onno Govaert and, last but not least Sanem Kalfa / George Dumitriu. We are very much looking forward to this full and challenging programme!

Then we will have another Interplanetary Night at the Bimhuis featuring Knalpot & Frank Wienk (Binkbeats) and Blik (Annelie Koning, Luc Ex, Tristan Renfrow,. We expect a whirlwind of improvisations, electronics and tight compositions. Discover new collaborations and experimental forms!

So join us!

25 nov 2020


Despite the current corona-regulations we are very happy to announce the next concert in our Sexy Planet series on November, 20 at Sexyland featuring Joost Oomen, Rubatong & Loot. The show must go on!

We will make sure all corona-regulations are in place ánd we guarantee a superb programme & evening! If the government decides not to open the theaters again, we will of course refund the money (minus reservation costs).


Unfortunately new Corona-regulations are in place. This meant that the two shows at the Bimhuis on October, 16 are canceled.

We moved the Sexy Planet concert of 23 October to De Ruimte with a different set-up, so Sexy Planet is on!

On Friday 23 October at 18h00 we will present the Dramm family ft Diamanda La Berge Dramm, David Dramm & Anne La Berge, after that Leo Svirsky solo and finally the challenging trio Marta Warelis / Ada Rave / Tristan Renfrow. So, three separate sets. You can pick your choice or visit them all!

More dates & line-ups will follow soon.

Stay safe & sound and enjoy the music!