Pictures Interplanetary Night april 20

by photographer Thomas Huisman

Again a great night in the Bimhuis, last april 20th. We started with a new project of Andy Moor (guitar) and Yannis Kyriakides (electronics), followed by an energetic set of the Belgian band STUFF. and finished with a great solo set of Gerri Jager on drums and electronics. Thanks to Thomas for his nice pictures.

Gerri Jäger solo VIDEO

Live @ Interplanetary Night

Watch and listen this live video of drummer Gerri Jäger, during the third Interplanetary Night, april 20 in the Bimhuis.

The nights are organised by Space is the Place, focussing on the Amsterdam improvised music scene (and much more).
Next one: September 11: The Ex 40 YEARS FESTIVAL
(more info soon)

New Interplanetary Nights in production

New season in the Bimhuis

After three pilot Interplanetary Nights in the Bimhuis, we are preparing new ones for the season 2019/2020... What about:

September 11 2019: THE EX 40 YEARS with ao The Ex // Thurston Moore // Keiko Shichijo // Paal Nilssen-Love-Terrie Ex // Anne James Chanton-Andy Moor // and many more...

November 9 2019: Los Piranas // Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido // Aaron Lumley solo // Superinca & The Galactic Green

January 19 2020: SOLO NIGHT: with oa Frank Rosaly // Reinier Baas // Saartje van Camp // Andy Moor // Kaja Draksler // Wolfert Brederode // Joachim Badenhorst

More info and tickets soon online!

Picture Kaja Draksler © Sara Anke

Pictures Interplanetary Night

by photographer Maarten Mooijman

We never experienced the Bimhuis as such an explosive place as we did on March 2, during our Interplanetary Night. The music was steaming, people were jumping and people enjoyed music they never listened to before. Thanks to all the musicians and to Maarten Mooijman, for his great pictures.

Live recordings from the Bimhuis

Listen to the concerts online 03.2019

Concerts of Sleep Gunner and Jasper Stadhouders, during the Space is the Place Night (march 2 2019) in the Bimhuis.

Pictures © Maarten Mooijman

Sleep Gunner =
Jeroen Kimman (guitar) and
Mark Morse (guitar)

Listen 'Live at the Bimhuis':

Jasper Stadhouders solo (guitar)
Listen below ↓